Leaving Fear, Finding Life

The List!

When I started writing this weeks post I thought calling it ‘The List!’ was apt. I feel the “!” could be taken anyway the reader likes, be it comic book … Continue reading

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Learning who I am

When I started on my quest to leave my fear and find my life, I knew I would learn something about myself. It would be hard to move forward and … Continue reading

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What I wish I could do

Last week I was introduced to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Not really what I should be doing or how it will help me, but the idea that I should be exposing … Continue reading

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Exposing Myself – No not like that

So in accordance with my new therapist, I have to expose myself. My first, highly incorrect, thought came in a wave of confusion. You may have just reread the title … Continue reading

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The Pride and Prejudice Effect

I often go through waves of happiness; I think most people do. I have known for a while I do this, so I try to enjoy the highs as much … Continue reading

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Mad as a hatter

As promised to myself, I found a new therapist. Well she was found for me. It would be hard for her to be more different to the last. While my … Continue reading

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Self Sabotage?

I adore the outdoors. I love being there, seeing it, hearing it, smelling it, feeling it. Then I love to come home and telling everyone I know how great it … Continue reading

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Therapy and Frustration

I decided a few months back that leaving fear and finding life was clearly not something I could do alone. If I could, I would have been living the life … Continue reading

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Driving my Fear

One of my newer fears is possibly one of the more common fears I hold. In the last fours years I have become petrified of driving. I know many people … Continue reading

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My First Post

This is my fist blog post and I already feel like I have over come a huge huddle. Though the reason I write this blog is simple, the path that … Continue reading

April 6, 2015 · 2 Comments

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